This is Shuichiro Yorimitsu, the President of Your Healthy Life.
It’s been over 15 years since I started my acupuncture clinic.

Currently, beauty acupuncture treatments is becoming popular to the customers in Japan.
Beauty acupuncture is a beauty method that makes the skin beautiful, healthy and delays aging process.

The good thing about aesthetic acupuncture is that that it is very safe, healthy and inexpensive beauty method compared to aesthetics.
Another benefits of beauty acupuncture is that it can be performed without relying on cosmetics.

I think that many people who are sensitive to their skin and concern about their beauty and how they look they often go to aesthetics. However, it would be very difficult financially to continue.

The beauty treatment salon I saw on TV the other costs 50,000 yen for about 3 hours!
If you do it once a week, it’s 200,000 yen a month. I can’t continue with this.

Going for occasional rewards may be the right way to use it.
However, aesthetic acupuncture does not require special beauty equipment and does not use chemicals.
That’s why we can offer it at a very low price, so it’s easy to continue.

And “beauty acupuncture” is a beauty method that uses the natural healing ability of humans.
I believe that the true anti-aging process is to “become healthy from the inside out as you continue”.

In other words, it is a groundbreaking beauty method that rejuvenates you in a very cheap and healthy way just by lying down and receiving acupuncture.
We would like you to try beauty acupuncture that can only be provided by a nationally certified acupuncturist.

Practitioner introduction

Shuichiro Yorimitsu

Birthplace Kochi prefecture in Japan
Career BBT Graduate School of Business Administration (Master of Business Administration MBA)
Graduated from Department of Health and Physical Education, Department of Medical Technology, Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
Graduated from the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Meiji College of Oriental Medicine
Graduated from Judo Rehabilitation Course, Asahi Medical College
Qualification Acupuncturist, judo therapist, health exercise instructor, master of business administration (MBA)
profile Member of the Japan Swimming Federation Swimming Trainers Conference
Japanese Olympic Committee Medical Science Strengthening Staff (2006, 2009)
Japan National Swimming Team Trainer (2006, 2009)
Okayama national polity selection team (swimming 2000-2010)
hobby English study (TOEFL-IBT 79 points), muscle training (chest press MAX 150 kg), drinking party
special skill English, basketball, Move the pectoralis major and shoulder blades.


What is beauty acupuncture?

About 89% of people can reduce “wrinkles" and “sagging" with cosmetic acupuncture! Lift up and improve complexion!

One of the causes of skin troubles such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, sagging, and wrinkle around mouth,stiffness and slackness of facial muscles.

“Beauty acupuncture" has the effect of loosening stiffness and pulling up muscles, and can be approached from the inside of the body with the aim of improving wrinkles and sagging, eliminating dullness of the skin, and lifting.

In addition, we aim to improve the unbalanced constitution in the body that causes skin problems such as dark circles, rough skin, pimples and pimples that are common among young women, and achieve healthy and true beauty.

Cosmetic acupuncture has been introduced in the mass media in Europe and the United States, and its reputation is spreading through word of mouth both in Japan and overseas.

Recently, it’s been featured in the esthetic industry, right?

It is also recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). This is because it has almost no side effects.

Solves facial (skin) problems in the shortest possible time

Cosmetic acupuncture directly stimulates the tissue under the skin that cannot be reached by massage or facial equipment.

As I said at the beginning, you can approach it from the inside of your body.

In fact, there is a secret that leads to the solution of facial troubles in the shortest time.

Since it directly stimulates the acupuncture points, muscles, and under skin tissue of the beautiful face, it has a faster effect than esthetics.
It can solve your skin problems in the shortest possible time.

I measured the change in temperature during cosmetic acupuncture


This is what makes Your Healthy Life’s beauty acupuncture different!

Anti-aging method based on both Eastern and Western medicine
【chemical free】


Facial acupuncture directly stimulates the tissue under the skin, which could not be reached by massage or facial equipment such as esthetics.
As a result, various beauty effects can be expected.

As you know, there are many pressure points around the face, neck, eyes, etc.
By stimulating these pressure points on the face from within the body using acupuncture needles, the blood flow improves and the flow of stagnant energy is improved.
In addition to the stimulation of acupuncture points, instinctive reflexes occur by “directly stimulating" the muscles and subcutaneous tissue.
It improves muscle tension and leads to lift up.

Local wrinkles and sagging will also be improved by regaining firmness.
In this way, it is an anti-aging method that has grounds both from the perspective of Eastern medicine and from the perspective of Western medicine.

In addition, we do not use any “medicine" or “medicine" used in conventional esthetics.
Therefore there are no side effects.

Even people with sensitive skin due to allergies or atopic dermatitis can be treated with peace of mind.
It is the only beauty method that you can receive even if you have been shying away from getting a rash or inflammation on your skin at beauty treatments.

A beauty method that uses the body’s defense instinct to prevent skin aging
[Improve skin quality safely and inexpensively]

Why does acupuncture have beauty effects?

For example, if you get a thorn stuck somewhere in your body, the place where it got stuck will swell, right?
This is because the body recognizes the thorns as a foreign substance and releases an immune substance from the body.

Then, in response to that immune substance, humans increase blood flow.
Eventually, the protein components and lymph fluid in the blood vessels flow and gather at the affected area.
(This is the so-called “swelling” condition)

Cosmetic acupuncture intentionally creates this state.
Acupuncture stimulates the body to sense that a foreign object has entered the body, triggering an immune response and activating cells.
The increased blood flow spreads collagen, giving freshness to the skin, brightening the dull face, and tightening the skin and pulling up the sagging.

It is safe and inexpensive because it does not use drugs and enhances the beauty effect by using the body’s defense reaction.
Recently, it is attracting attention as a beauty method that replaces cosmetic surgery.


For those of you who have given up on drug allergies, you can take on the challenge of Beauty Acupuncture from Your Healthy Life.
Would you like to take this opportunity to challenge yourself?

4 reasons why beauty acupuncture at Your Healthy Life is safe

1. About side effects

2. Immediate Expectation

3. Use of chemicals

4. Partial approach

1. About side effects

Acupuncture has basically no side effects.
Acupuncture uses safe disposable acupuncture needles.
For those who say, “I want to go to a beauty salon, but I can’t go because my skin is weak and rough…", you can safely take care of your skin.

2. Immediate Expectation

By inflicting minute wounds on the skin with acupuncture, cell metabolism is rapidly activated.
It saves time because there is a change in a short time.
The more you continue, the more effect you can expect, but you can feel the effect even once.

3. Use of chemicals

You can aim for anti-aging without giving chemical damage to the skin.
Even those who are concerned about atopic dermatitis or rough skin can receive treatment with peace of mind.

4. Partial approach

Only local blood flow can be increased without putting extra stress on the skin such as excessive massage.
Please talk to the treatment staff about the part you are concerned about.
As a result, it is possible to pinpoint only the areas of concern, so it is possible to shorten the time while producing results.

Super Essence Pack Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment


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