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I’m Shuichiro Yorimitsu, the President of Your Healthy Life. The reason why we would like you to choose Your Healthy Life among many websites is because our body specialists performs “treatments that relieves pain” and “treatments to improve distortion”. In addition, there is a “Body Make-Up Program” run by knowledgeable staff. It helps to revitalize the body.

Is there anything that can be done for many people who have concern with their body shape?
With this in mind, we offer programs for “diet” and “body makeup”.

If you are worried about the changes in your body shape after childbirth or a constipation that is prone to gaining weight, please feel free to contact “Your Healthy Life.” Thank you.



Risk changes caused by obesity in middle-aged and older people


Customer’s voice


What is the cause of those who succeed in dieting and body makeup, and those who fail?

Have you ever failed in a diet or body makeup?

The success of diet and body make-up is largely divided into two energies.
Did you know that the success of diet and body make-up is largely divided into two energies?

●Energy consumption
●Intake energy

This way of thinking is an old way of thinking, and diet body makeup can hardly succeed with this procedure.
The important question is “what do you eat?"

If you get wrong information on what you put in your body, you won’t lose weight. What you eat greatly affects your health and body shape.
It is now scientifically denied that eating a high-calorie diet makes you fat.

Why is this happening?

“What should I eat?" If you keep this in mind, you can succeed in dieting and bodybuilding even if you eat a high-calorie meal.
Also, in order to succeed, it is necessary to change the process of prioritizing the burning fat condition in the body which is also essential for the success of diet and body make-up.

Also, people who say, “I don’t want to change what I eat at all, but I want to lose weight," will hardly succeed.
That’s because losing weight through exercise alone involves an extraordinary effort.

For example, it takes 9 calories to lose 1 gram of fat, so a person who wants to lose 1 kilo needs 9000 calories.

A person who wants to lose 3 kg will need 27,000 calories, which is three times this amount.

If you replace it with the calories burned when walking, you can’t consume it unless you walk a considerable distance.

For example, if you weigh 60kg and want to lose 3kg, you will have to walk 450km to consume 27,000kcal.

This is very difficult. So even if many people walk or go to the gym, they don’t lose much weight and their body shape doesn’t change much.

In my experience before, I also don’t care about special foods, and I used to only exercise, but there was no sign of my body being slimmed down, and I gave up dieting because it was impossible for middle-aged people.

What makes “Your Healthy Life” body make-up program different from other program?

The diet method taught by Your Healthy Life is basically a diet method based on diet management.

Also, since we are a healthcare business, we are not simply pursuing “lose weight”.

What we are pursuing is to work on a diet with the ultimate goal of “keeping a healthy and lean body".

Therefore, we do not recommend diet methods that lead to nutritional deficiencies, such as simply restricting your diet.

I’m making a suggestion that you can eat well and lose weight well.

If you simply restrict your diet, you will lack the nutrients that maintain a healthy body and become malnourished.

  • Hair loses luster
  • Thinning nails
  • Lose skin firmness
  • Losing muscle and feeling sick
  • Weakened immunity and prone to illness
  • Hormonal imbalance and poor overall health

This kind of bodily injury occurs.

But on the other hand, losing weight in a healthy way can make a big difference in your life.

  • Unlike general diets, it does not rebound easily, so it is effective as a result.
  • As long as you continue the diet method, the diet effect will last, so you can keep your youthful appearance forever.
  • Longer healthy life expectancy and longer enjoyment of hobbies.
  • You will essentially feel better and be able to live a more active life.
  • The skin becomes firmer and smoother, making you enviable.
  • Feeling better and able to do more work
  • You will be able to wear clothes beautifully and become your ideal self.
  • Reduces the risk of developing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Brain function increases, work efficiency increases, and income increases.
  • Makes you look 10 years younger.
  • She will succeed in dieting and became known as a beautiful witch.
  • You will be able to wear old clothes and feel rejuvenated.
  • Your immunity will increase, so you will be less likely to get sick, and you will not have to spend extra money at the hospital.
  • Your skin will be more beautiful than before, and people will envy you.
  • It tightens your skin and makes you look 10 years younger and more enviable.
  • You won’t have a beer stomach, and you can wear jeans in style.
  • You can lose weight and rejuvenate and look back at your younger days.
  • This diet increases brain function, so you can work more efficiently, increase your income, and do what you like.
  • A successful diet will allow you to comfortably enjoy your favorite sports.
  • You will be able to lose weight and marry the ideal opposite sex.
  • You can lose weight and have an ideal boyfriend.
  • Passers-by will look back at you when you see yourself slimmer.
  • People of the same sex will envy you as “beautiful”.
  • I have succeeded in dieting, the pain in my body has decreased, and I can play with my children with all my strength.
  • It’s economical because you don’t have to go to the hospital.

If you succeed in making a healthy body like this, your life will be completely different from your life.

Let me tell you the story of two women.

There were two women in a town.
The two women have known each other for a long time and have been hanging out together since childhood.
Both had average grades in school, and both liked to exercise. Neither of them were particularly fat, and both of them had medium build and middle height.
The two, who were together until middle school and high school, decided to go their separate ways to go to college.One went to Tokyo and the other to a local university.
Although they went their separate ways, they lived a happy life.When they met at the high school reunion once in a while, they both enjoyed talking and had a wonderful time.
At that time, they both enjoyed fashion, both of them had boyfriends, and enjoyed talking about where they had a good date and which date spot was good.In addition, the complaints of each other’s boyfriends also had made their conversation more interesting.
After graduating from university, both of them were busy, and it was almost 15 years before they met again.And the two of them, who had the timing after a long time, met again at the alumni association.

One of them looks the same as before and looks youthful.
On the other hand, the other one was so busy with work that she gained a lot more weight than before.

What caused this difference?

She looks the same as before, wears the same fashionable clothes as before, and said that she has a boyfriend now and has no plans to get married, but she enjoys dating.On the other hand, her other friend has gained a lot of weight, and because of her weight gain, she has less clothes to wear, so she always wears the same clothes.

We had each other photos taken at the class reunion, but she didn’t like having her photo taken because she had gained weight, so there weren’t many photos of her after she gained weight.

Also, she said that she is not married and does not have a boyfriend, so she usually enjoys Youtube and Amazon prime video at home.
At first, she thought that she hadn’t been so busy with her work since she had gained a lot of weight.

However, when I listened to her story, I could understand that her work was quite busy even though she had the same figure as before, and that she was as busy as I, who had gained a lot of weight.

The only difference was that she didn’t have much time to exercise due to her busy work schedule, but she knew how to eat properly to control her weight.

On the other hand, she was equally busy with work and didn’t know how to eat properly to control her weight.

The only thing that made the difference between the two was their diet to properly control their weight.

Your Healthy Life treatment proceeds as follows.

1.Please fill out a special form and we will give you counseling.

During your consultation, we will ask you to:
・What kind of trouble do you have?
・What body type or ideal do you want to achieve?
・Current diet and living environment.
※Counseling is also available online. If you wish to apply online, please indicate “Online Hope".

2.Understand your condition and start dieting.

We will check your physical condition and start the actual treatment.
We will measure the size so that you can feel the difference before and after the treatment.
We will ask you to report on the line what you ate and drank daily.
Professional staff will reply to it with advice on a daily basis.
At this time, we will also advise you on lifestyle habits to make your body easier to lose weight.

The period will be 3 months.

About the conditions of the full money-back guarantee

※The following conditions apply to the full money-back guarantee.

・Daily weight report (What works best is tracking your weight on a daily basis.)
・Daily activity report (We will check how many steps you have taken every day.)
・Daily meal content

When you visit
・Body measurement(Upper arms, waist, hips, thighs)
・Weight measurement
・Physical and mental care when visiting the store

※If you do not follow the dietary instructions faithfully, you will not be eligible for a full refund.
※If you do not report your weight daily, you will not be eligible for a full refund.
※If there is a falsehood in the meal content when requesting a refund, we will claim compensation for damages.
 Example:In addition to the meals you reported, you ate potato chips, chocolate, etc.
※At the time of the refund, we will conduct a detailed hearing at the interview and confirm whether the contents of the program have been properly implemented.
※No refunds due to metabolic or other illness factors.If you have an underlying disease, please let us know in advance.

Price list

2 months

・(dietary guidance+50 minute stretch×16 times) 80000 PESO

3 months

・(dietary guidance+50 minute stretch×24 times) 100000 PESO

6 months

・(dietary guidance+50 minute stretch×48 times) 200000 PESO


The only thing that changed the two women’s stories was a proper weight control diet.
It’s not too late to start a proper weight control diet.
And the only person who can point you in the best direction is yourself.
If you can make a life-changing decision, send us an inquiry on messenger now and join the program.

I say many times, but the only person who can return to me is myself.

Join our program and change your life.

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