Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment

When sending photos, please make sure they are in focus.

Do you have any problems like this?


  • Nails dig in and hurt when walking
  • I can’t run in club shoes because of the pain in my ingrown toenail
  • The hospital told me that I should cut it…
  • I can’t clean my nails because of ingrown toenails
  • I’m more worried about the appearance of my nails than the pain…
  • I had an operation, but I didn’t want to have the operation again because of a strange nail growing.
  • I’ve been to the hospital several times for ingrown toenails, but they refused to treat small toenails like the index finger.

I don’t know how to fix my ingrown toenails…
I think there are some people who say.

Those who want to do sports to the fullest, those who find it hard to walk normally, those who want to clean their feet,
Please consult with “Your Healthy Life Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment" clinic

Also, ingrown toenails that do not feel pain can get worse if left untreated, making walking difficult.

So please do not leave it as it is and feel free to contact us.

When sending photos, please make sure they are in focus.

plofile_shuichiro yorimitsu
I’m Shuichiro Yorimitsu, the President of Your Healthy Life Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment. The reason why we would like you to choose Your Healthy Life Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment from among many websites is because Your Healthy Life Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment’s “Ingrown Toenail Correction" is performed by a method called Yorimitsu Ingrown Toenail Correction.
The correction method performed by Your Healthy Life Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment is a method that has been thoroughly researched based on a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the nail, called “Yorimitsu type ingrown nail correction", and is characterized by safely correcting deformed nails on the spot. If you are afraid of cutting your nail at a hospital, etc., and find it troublesome, please contact us. Thank you.

Yorimitsu type ingrown toenail correction with one correction!








Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment video

Self-treatment of ingrown toenails is dangerous.
Important note about nails.

If you search on the Internet, you will find information about self-treatment methods for ingrown toenails, but on the contrary, this may worsen or prolong the condition.
“It’s cheaper to do it yourself"
You may think, but by doing this…

  • Ingrown toenail gets worse
  • Become swollen and swollen
  • to bleed

This is a situation that cannot be corrected.
Therefore, we need you to show us the current state of your nails, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
It will improve more quickly, so there will be no burden on the body or financial burden.
Correctly judging the condition of the nail and performing the appropriate treatment will speed up the improvement of the customer.
Therefore, after judging the condition of the nail from the image, we come up with the decision weather we do the treatment or not.
Please don’t do self-treatment before sending the image or before actually coming to receive the treatment.
First of all, please feel free to use the image consultation.

Rest assured that measures against athlete’s foot are thorough

I think one of the concerns about foot care is whether or not measures against “athlete’s foot" are in place.
Instruments used for ingrown toenail correction are sterilized in an autoclave or disinfected with a disinfectant.
Of course, towels are also replaced with new ones every time.
At Your Healthy Life, we take great care of your delicate feet, so you can receive treatment with peace of mind.

You may not be able to receive treatment

Please note that if you have these symptoms, you cannot have ingrown toenail treatment.

  • Diabetes

Your Healthy Life’s “ingrown toenail" treatment
proceeds like this

1. Please send us a photo of the top and front your toenail on our Facebook Messenger before visiting our Clinic.

We will check the condition of your nails.
If the treatment is possible, we will advice you to visit our Clinic.

2. Fill out a form

Please write in detail about the condition of your ingrown toenail and how long you have been suffering from it, as this will be necessary for counseling.
If you have any other concerns, feel free to write down any details.

3. I will check the condition of your feet and explain to you the procedure that we’re going to do.

We don’t sharpen the Client’s nails carelessly.
Please rest assured that we will take a look at the condition and explain it properly, and we will do the appropriate treatment.

4. We clean the nails.

Before we do the procedure , we clean your nails so that it is in a clean state.

5. Start treatment for ingrown toenail correction.

Using specialized equipment, we will return the ingrown toenail to a beautiful state.
There are cases where hospitals are said to only treat the “thumb", but our clinic supports ingrown toenails on all fingers.

6. We advice on what to do after treatment.

We will explain to you what you should do after treatment on how you take care of your nails when you’re at home and if your nails are subject for another adjustment.

Reasons why you should choose “Yorimitsu Type Ingrown Toenail Correction”

Surprising correction technology even in one treatment

The difference from other ingrown toenail treatments is the “correction power".
The correction method performed by Your Healthy Life is a well-researched method called “Yorimitsu Ingrown Nail Correction".
Rest assured that we will safely correct deformed nails on the spot.

Safe and strong correction force

The braces used for ingrown toenail correction are made of titanium.
Titanium is a material that is less likely to cause metal allergies and is used for implants and fishing gear.

Economic burden is reduced due to low cost of treatment

Traditional orthodontic treatment requires repeated visits.
With Your Healthy Life, mild or moderate cases can be corrected in an average of 2-3 times.
Compared to the conventional correction method, the cost of each treatment seems to be relatively high, but in reality, correction can be performed in a short period of time. I guess.
However, please note that the number of times may vary depending on the condition of the nail.
In addition, if you have diabetes, or if you have any abnormalities such as suppuration or inflammation around the ingrown toenail, we may refuse.
If you send us an image in advance, we can judge whether the treatment is possible.

Supports recurrence prevention

Depending on the condition of the nail, even if the nail returns to normal after correction, there are some people who will roll it again after a few years.
The braces used in Your Healthy Life are made of materials used for implants, so they are highly safe, flexible and strong, and can be used semi-permanently.
If the nail is wound again, please rest assured that you can prevent recurrence by wearing the brace you have.

Reservations are required and will not affect later schedules.

Since it is a reservation, there is no waiting time like in a hospital, so please rest assured that it will not affect your schedule later.
First of all, please make a reservation on messenger.

Unlike other treatment methods, you do not need to make holes in your nails

Other treatments for ingrown toenails may involve making a hole in the nail, but our treatment method “Yorimitsu-style ingrown toenail correction" does not make a hole in the nail.
You can feel safe and satisfied with our procedure.

Difference between general treatment and Your Healthy Life’s “Ingrown Nail Correction

Features of Your Healthy Life’s Ingrown Nail Correction

The main difference from hospitals and other institutions is that no surgery is performed.

If it is swollen, bleeding, or infected, we may not be able to perform the procedure and may ask you to go to a hospital. However, we will make a determination based on the images before your visit so that you will not have to go through the hassle of having to visit the clinic twice, even if we cannot perform the procedure.
(except in cases where the actual nail condition differs from the image at the time of visit)

Although it varies from person to person, if the nail condition is mild or moderate, you will generally need to go through the process two to three times.

Another feature of our ingrown toenail correction is that it requires a relatively small number of visits compared to the number of visits to hospitals and other facilities.

Difference 1
Before and after my first ingrown toenail correction

General treatment

⇒If you have had surgery, you may not be able to wear shoes if your feet are protected by bandages or other means.

⇒With the general wire orthodontic method, it is difficult to improve the condition after the first time (depending on the condition).

Your Healthy Life’s “Yorimitsu-style Ingrown Nail Correction

⇒Can wear shoes home after treatment.

⇒Your Healthy Life’s Yorimitsu Ingrown Nail Correction treatment improves the condition even on the first visit (depending on the condition of the nails).

Difference 2
No risk of recurrence

General treatment

⇒It is relatively common for an ingrown toenail that has undergone surgery to curl back up as it grows.

⇒If it recurs, you have to have another surgery, and the width of the nail becomes narrower.

⇒In some cases, small nails like the index finger cannot be handled.

Your Healthy Life’s “Yorimitsu-style Ingrown Nail Correction

⇒If you feel that you are winding down a little, you can prevent recurrence by simply wearing the brace for a while again and living with it.

⇒Prevention of recurrence is possible, so it is less likely to recur and the nails do not become narrower because they do not need to be clipped.

⇒For all finger ingrown toenails

Difference 3
Send a picture of your ingrown toenail condition via messenger in advance so they can take a look.

General treatment

⇒You have to go in person to see the condition of the ingrown toenail.

Your Healthy Life’s “Yorimitsu-style Ingrown Nail Correction

⇒You can get a preliminary look at your ingrown toenail condition by using the messenger’s image judgment.

⇒You can determine in advance whether you are in a condition to undergo the procedure or not, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to undergo the procedure even though you went all the way there.

Difference 4
Safe because no anesthesia is used

General treatment

⇒Surgery may require local anesthesia, and in very rare cases, some people experience pain from anesthesia.

Your Healthy Life’s “Yorimitsu-style Ingrown Nail Correction

⇒No anesthesia is used (because no surgery is performed) and the correction is done with special equipment.

⇒Basically, you won’t even feel any pain.(Depending on the condition, there may be individual differences)

Price list


・(10-15 minutes)1,200 PESO


・(15-30 minutes)1,600 PESO


・(30-45 minutes)2,000 PESO

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the correction painful??
Although it may be painful depending on the condition, it is basically painless.
Can any ingrown toenail be cured?
Basically, we can handle any ingrown toenail. Please contact us for a consultation.
Is there any concern about recurrence?
Due to genetic factors and other factors, some people’s nails can curl over the years, even if they were once well corrected.
However, the orthotics we provide at Your Healthy Life can be used over and over again if you take good care of them.
If you feel that it is winding down a bit, simply wear the brace again for a while and live with it to prevent recurrence.
In this respect, it is superior to other ingrown toenail correction methods.
※However, if you wind up about the time of your visit, you may have to put in a pre-straightening.
Can I correct my nails even if they are short?
Correction itself is possible, but the longer the nails are stretched, the more likely they are to be corrected properly from the start.
In some cases, such as when the nails are deep, the correction period and number of treatments may increase.
Do you mind if I have nail polish or nail art?
I am sorry, but we ask that you refrain from doing so for the duration of the correction period.
This is because nail polish and gel nail polish can change the hardness of the nail and interfere with correction.
Our “Yorimitsu-style ingrown toenail correction" can correct ingrown toenails much faster than other correction techniques, so please heal quickly and enjoy fashion as much as you like.
Can I exercise or participate in club activities?
Yes, we can.
It is less painful than before and more comfortable to perform.
In the unlikely event that the brace comes off, please consult us immediately.
Can I wear shoes immediately after orthodontic treatment?
Yes, it is okay.
You can wear them more comfortably than ever before.
Can I walk home after the correction?
The pain goes away on the spot, and if there is no festering or inflammation, the return trip home is easy.
How long will the treatment take?
For new clients, please allow 1.5 hours, including treatment, for counseling and posture analysis.
The second and subsequent sessions will be approximately 1 hour.
Do I have to go every day?
Not every day.We will explain about the next treatment at the first treatment since it depends on the condition of the patient.
How do I make an appointment?
Please call or messenger to make a reservation.
Is there parking available?
Yes. But if the parking is full you can find a nearby parking lot near the clinic.
How much does it cost?
Please see the fee schedule.
What kind of clothes should I wear?
Any attire is acceptable.
Do you accept credit cards?
Credit cards are accepted.
Can I bring my child?
It’s okay.
Can I cancel after making a reservation?
Cancellations are possible, but please call at least one day in advance as we will charge 100% of the treatment fee for same-day cancellations or no-shows.
Can I make same-day reservations?
Available upon availability.
Please call us for more information.
Can I choose my preferred therapist or staff?
Yes, you can.
How many times should I attend?
The number of times you need to go to the clinic will vary depending on your condition.

Your Healthy Life Opening hours

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