Muscle release

Do you have any problems like this?


  • I am suffering from stiff shoulders and back pain
  • Feeling tired or stressed
  • stiff body
  • It became easier to gain weight
  • Lack of exercise
  • I want to keep my youth

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What is Muscle release?

Membrane that surrounds bones, organs, nerves, etc.
Fascia runs under the skin all over our body.
Membranes attached each other, the muscles will not move smoothly, and it will appear as pain and stiffness.
“Muscle release (“Release” means “loosen”) is detouch membranes.

Benefits of stretching

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from stretching

  • muscles become soft
  • increase blood circulation
  • Increased range of motion of joints
  • prevent injuries
  • can relax

By stretching the stiff muscles, it improves blood circulation and removes unnecessary waste from the body.

The pain in your body will be removed when your health condition improved and you will feel more refreshed.

Also, since muscles are less likely to harden, you can expect to build a body that is less likely to get injured.

Plus, it boosts your metabolism and keeps your body looking young.

Stretching will be more effective if done after the body has been loosened, so it is recommended that it should be done in combination with a muscle release.

By adding muscle release and stretching to treatments such as pelvic correction and hunchback correction, more positive effects can be expected.

  • Doing self-styled stretching
  • Using goods purchased at mail order to loosen
  • think stretching is bad
  • Relieving fatigue with healing goods
  • Trying to improve by myself while watching stretching videos on DVD and youtube

In this situation, you thought you might be doing it right, but in reality, you might be doing it in a different way.

If you stretch without knowing where to aim, you may actually make the condition worse.

In other words, if you don’t improve it with a method that fits the condition and cause, you may have to deal with the problem for the rest of your life.

Therefore, at Your Healthy Life


  • Thorough counseling
  • Based on counseling, we will actually see the state of the body firmly
  • Examine where the cause of pain started from, propose a treatment services that matches the condition, and avoid unnecessary treatments.
  • I will explain what kind of condition and what kind of treatment will be performed before starting the treatment
  • Advice on how to spend time at home and how to stretch

In this way, we want to remove those worries and thoroughly propose treatment services that suits each persons needs.
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The effects of muscle release

Upper back

To loosen stiffness all over back side

Lower back

To loosen back side muscle to correct pelvic alignment

Ankle joint

It will correct overall alignment of the way you stand or walk. Standing correctly will make a big change of your body posture.

Front chest and shoulder

If you having a hunch back It can correct your upper shoulder posture

Hip joint

This muscle is one of leading cause of bowlegs. This is why we are stretching to correct the way you stand and walk.

Knee joint

To prevent having a bow legs because our muscles are getting stiffer while we get older.

Voices of those who have undergone treatment with Your Healthy Life


Reasons 1


We strive to maximize customer value through extensive training.
In addition, we are making efforts every day to convey the maximum value to our customers in terms of treatment technology and response.

Reasons 2


We regard our customers as life partners.
That’s why we make proposals that will make the biggest contribution to our customers.

Reasons 3


We have received a lot of word of mouth in Japan as proof that we have gained the support of many people.

Reasons 4


Reasons 5


  • Did not improve at other osteopathic clinics.
  • Going to an orthopedic surgeon or a hospital didn’t help.
  • I tried massage and stretching, but it didn’t help.
  • I tried various care, but there was only temporary comfort, and the pain recurred.
  • I wasn’t told otherwise, but I started to feel that the pain might be caused by something other than the shoulder.
  • I want to enrich my life.

If you are like this, leave it to Your Healthy Life.

Price list

Pair Stretching(25min)・・・900 PESO
Whole body muscle release(60min)・・・1,700 PESO
Upper body muscle release(22min)・・・900 PESO
Lower part muscle release(38 min)・・・1,100 PESO
Body treatment by CEO(25min)・・・2,500 PESO
Home service by CEO・・・8,000~ PESO+session
Home service by local staff・・・500~ PESO+session

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